David Yarrow

The Journey Never Ends

A note from David Yarrow: “I don’t t want to be put in a box for convenient labelling – who on earth does? My only constant is always to try and get better and take pictures that elicit fresh emotions. In striving to defy categorisation I have visited 12 countries so far in 2024 and whether I work in China or Iceland, the goal is always to be authentic and surprise. I do hope those visiting my new exhibition in this wonderful gallery will see the whole show as greater than the sum of the parts.

I seek to entertain and perhaps – at the margin – remind people that we live in a beautiful world. The road does go on forever and the journey never ends – I am a lucky man to call this a job”- Love, David
Discover « The Journey Never Ends », the new exhibition from David Yarrow, at G&M Design Gallery from 21st March 2024.